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ZOC Terminal is a professional SSH Client and Terminal Emulator for Windows and macOS.
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APPENDIX → Common Questions (How-To Guide)

Please also check Quick Start Guides for step by step instructions on how to make connections with Telnet, SSH, ISDN etc. and the Trouble Shooting (Problem) Guide.

How do I make connections via serial cable, telnet, SSH, etc?

Please check our Quick Start Guides.

How can I backup or copy the ZOC configuration to a different computer?

To access the folder containing the configuration files, start ZOC, choose File Menu→Show Data Folder.

Then quit ZOC and use the operating system to copy the files from that folder (especially the contents of the Options subfolder) to a thumb drive or to a network computer.

Then start ZOC and choose File Menu→Show Data Folder on the other computer, quit ZOC and then copy the files from the thumb drive to that folder on the new computer.

How can I move the ZOC data folder to a different location?

To access the data folder, choose File Menu→Show Data Folder. Then quit ZOC and move the folder to another location using Windows Explorer or macOS Finder. Next time you start ZOC, the program will ask you to point it to the new location of the data folder.

How do I transfer files to/from a unix host?

You can use Zmodem or SCP. See the help topic at the bottom of the Transfer menu: File Transfer Overview.

How can I change colors and fonts?

These are configured in the session profile (Options→Session Profile→Colors and Options→Session Profile→Layout). Please read also the discussion about Fonts, Window Size, Color.

How do I change the language of the program to English or German?

Add /LANG:ENGL or /LANG:GER to the commandline (either via the icon or through a commandline.ini file). See ZOC command line.

How can I create an icon for a connection on the desktop?

Please use the Save As function from the File Menu→Quick Connect dialog or edit your host directory entry and use the button in the Shortcuts tab.

How can I change the speed at which pasted text is sent?

This option is in Options→Session Profile→Transfer→Text Sending.

Are there more terminal fonts available?

ZOC searches the system fonts and offers those which have a fixed width. You can add additional fixed fonts to the system (e.g. google for Inconsolata or ProFont) and they will be offered when you restart ZOC.

How do I access a Cisco router which is connected to the serial port?

See quick start for serial connections.

How can I delete stored SSH passwords?

The password store is in Options→Program Settings→Passwords→Stored Passwords.

How can I create a SSH private/pubic keys pair?

There are two options. 1) Make Secure Shell the active connection method (via Options→Session Profile) and choose "Create SSH Key File" from the file menu. Or you can use the commandline ssh-keygen.exe tool, which you will find in the ZOC program folder (the tool is compatible with the OpenSSH ssh-keygen command for which you will find many samples on the internet).

How can I disable the "Are you sure" messages?

These messages are configured under Options→Program Settings→Prompts.

How can I install ZOC on a LAN?

Please check Network and System/Network Administrators

How can I set ZOC as the default telnet app. in Internet Explorer/Firefox/Safari etc.?

Windows: Open the Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) and go to View-Menu, Options, File-Types then select URL-Telnet. Then choose Advanced, Open, Edit and set the Application to
"C:\Program Files\ZOC8\Zoc.exe" %1

macOS: Firefox lets you choose the application to handle SSH: or TELNET: links. Just choose ZOC. To change the default application to handle links in Safari you need a third party application which lets you edit the URL-handlers for macOS. The programs More Internet or RCDefaultApp should both do the trick.

How can I send a Break signal to a Cisco device or router

If you have a telnet or serial connection active, an entry to do this will appear in ZOC's File menu.

How can I set up ZOC for modem tone dialing

Change the modem options and set the dialing command to 'ATDT'. The AT commands are configured in the Serial/Modem options (next to the list where you select the connection type or in the Session Profile).

What is necessary to use the ISDN module with X.25/X.31?

Please go to the connection type options, select ISDN CAPI 2.0 and press the help button. Also, please be aware, that for use with X.31 you probably need to have that feature enabled by your telco.


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