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Welcome to EmTec!

With over 20 years of experience in telecommunication, we are offering an excellent terminal emulation (SSH/telnet/modem client) and other professional communication software for Windows.

Communication Software:
  • ZOC Terminal • Terminal Emulator and SSH Client for Windows and macOS
  • PyroBatchFTP • Automated Internet FTP Batch File Transfer
  • MacroPhone • Network ISDN Telephony (Voice Mail, Fax, Caller-ID and more)
Desktop Tools:
  • Mailbell • Email Notification and Email Preview
 Featured Program:
 ZOC (Telnet/SSH)
ZOC is a powerful terminal emulator, SSH client and telnet client, known for its outstanding user interface. It lets you access remote hosts via network (telnet/ssh), modem and more.
This terminal emulator and SSH client is highly configurable and offers unique and advanced features.
 Featured Program:
PyroBatchFTP lets you perform FTP file transfers without manual interaction, e.g. if you need to recurringly update web servers, download stats, perform backups on the internet, etc.

• Easy to learn script language
• Schedule fTP transfers
• Transfers run in the background
• Can run with no user logged in
Discontinued Products:


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