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ZOC Telnet/SSH Client – Documentation


ZOC Terminal Emulator Helpfile
If you'd like to find out more about ZOC's capabilities or details, before downloading the free trial version, you can get ZOC's online documentation as a PDF document here: zocenglish.pdf.


Portable Installation
If you want to install ZOC on a usb-stick, pen-drive etc. please view or download the following file: Portable_ZOC_Installation.pdf.


ZOC Terminal REXX Scripting Documents and Links
The following is a list of resources which should help you get started or using the ZOC Scripting Language REXX.
Where to Start
If you want to get a first impression about the ZOC scripting language, choose  REXX Script Introduction  from the bottom of the Script menu in the ZOC window.

The quickest way to get an idea of the REXX language and to acquaint yourself with the most commonly used language elements, is to choose  REXX Language Elements  from the help menu in the ZOC window.

Learning REXX
This is a complete REXX Tutorial (~100 pages, PDF) and 40 easy samples. It covers the basic REXX language and was written for the REXX interpreter used with ZOC version 5, but it is still as good as new an easy way to get deeper into REXX.

Download LearningREXX.zip from our server (by EmTec and Enterprise Inc.).

ZOC Scripting Samples
This is an archive which contains a handful of self explanatory examples (available in German and English). These cover REXX and basic ZOC Extensions. Download the ZocScriptingSamples.zip archive from our server and look at the comments within the sample scripts and snatch a few lines for your own tasks.
The ZOC REXX Reference
Find a full reference covering the REXX language and ZOC extensions (PDF, ~200 pages). Your one stop shop for all the details. Based on the REGINA REXX interpreter used with ZOC. Download ZocRexxReference.PDF from our server (by EmTec and the REGINA project).
ZOC REXX Extensions
The exhaustive list of ZOC extensions to the REXX language (commands to interact with ZOC and to perform data communication) is also available from ZOC's help menu ( ZOC REXX Command List ).
ZOC REXX/DDE Interface
A zip archive with samples that show how to control ZOC from another application by using DDE to feed ZOC-REXX commands into ZOC: ddesample.zip
Classic REXX Tutorial
A REXX Internet Tutorial and Reference. Covers the basics of the REXX language and is easy to navigate for quick reference: Classic REXX Tutorial (by Kilowatt Software)
Common REXX Pitfalls
A page listing a few traps of the REXX language: Common REXX Pitfalls (by EDM/2)
ZOC Deployment
How deploy a preconfigured ZOC installation within a large organization:


The following is a list of whitepapers that explain technologies and features used in our product.
Structure of an SSH Session
A dcoument explaining the technical underpinnings of the Secure Shell protocol:
ZOC SSH Features
A document listing and explaining the SSH related features in our ZOC product:





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