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ZOC Terminal is a professional SSH Client and Terminal Emulator for Windows and macOS.
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APPENDIX → Features You May Have Missed

  • If you keep the mouse over one of the LEDs in the status bar for some
  • time, a description of the led will appear. This works for the buttons in the toolbar and userbar also.
  • Right mouse button on the toolbar opens the toolbar definition dialog.
  • Right mouse button on the userbar opens the userbar definition dialog.
  • Right mouse button on the status bar, opens a popup menu of all
  • options menu choices.
  • Right mouse button on the main window opens a popup menu.
  • With the Alt key pressed you can mark rectangular parts of the screen.
  • Marking one line of text with the mouse while holding the Shift key
  • down, sends that text immediately (set help for options in program settings -> clipboard).
  • Paste-Quoting text with the Ctrl key pressed, reformats the text
  • to fit the screen width.
  • Right mouse button in the host directory opens a popup menu.
  • The quick access option in the host directory's entry edit dialog, puts
  • phone entries into the File menu.
  • The minimize/maximize buttons in the phone dial window switch between
  • a small and large version of that window (also available from host directory dialog options).
  • The snippets window (Options, Window) captures useful stuff (like file
  • names, internet addresses, etc.) for you.
  • The Local Typing field (Alt+C) has a history (cursor up/down).
  • The key map dialog allows different mappings for keys according to
  • the state of the scroll-lock key. This way you could create totally different keyboards and switch between them by use of scroll-lock.

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