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ZOC Terminal is a professional SSH Client and Terminal Emulator for Windows and macOS.
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Connecting to Remote Servers

If you want to make a Modem connection, select File Menu→Quick Connection.

This will bring up a dialog where you can select either Windows Modem (recommended) or Serial/Modem (if you are running under macOS or if you want to deal with the modem's AT commands through the com port directly).

You can modify the options (select the Modem or COM port to use) by clicking the Configure button next to the connection type. Then enter the phone number and select the desired emulation.

The destination in the Connect to box will be the phone number to connect to (it will be dialed through the modem via AT commands).

If you want to change terminal characteristics like window layout, colors etc. click the Edit button to change options in the session profile. (Session profiles are predefined sets of options which can be used as the underlying configuration for a connection.)



Creating Desktop Links

In the Quick Connect dialog, note the Save As button which allows you to save a connection as a desktop icon, as an icon in the button bar or as a Host Directory entry.



Talking to the Modem Directly

If you want to send AT commands to a modem directly, or if you have hardware (e.g. a router) which directly attached to a serial port, you can bypass the Quick Connection dialog. Edit the Session Profile (Options Menu) instead, and select Serial/Modem as your connection type. You will then be able to type commands to that port immediately after you close the session profile dialog.

Also see the Direct Serial Connections Quick Start for a different way to make connections to devices which are connected directly to a serial port.



Host Directory

To put a new modem host directly into the host directory go to File Menu→Host Directory and click New.

Then enter a name for the entry and select Serial/Modem, or Windows Modem (recommended) as the connection type. You can modify the options (select the Modem or COM port to use) by clicking the Configure button next to the list of connection types. Then provide a phone number in the Connect to field.

To have ZOC remember your login procedure for later automatic login, enable Record keystrokes on next login in the Login tab.



Serial/Direct vs. Serial/Modem

The Serial/Direct connection type is similar to Serial/Modem in many respects. However, the main difference is that a 'connection' with Serial/Direct refers to the connection between the computer and a local piece of equipment (e.g. a router), which is directly attached to a serial port or serial usb-port.
Serial/Modem defines 'connection' to be a connection between the computer and a remote location, where the attached equipment (usually a modem) is merely a way to establish the desired connection.

In other words, use Serial/Direct if you want to talk to the locally attached device (router, microcontroller, etc.) itself. Use Serial/Modem if the attached device is a modem which understands AT commands and which you want to use to connect to a remote computer.



Other Related Topics

More about the Serial/Modem and Serial/Direct can be found in Serial/Modem and Windows Modems. Also, if you are using Serial/Modem, see modem configuration.

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