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PyroBatchFTP – Scripted Automatic FTP File Transfer

PyroBatchFTP Details


PyroBatchFTP Description

PyroBatchFTP is a software for automated file transfer via FTP and SSH/SFTP and SSL/FTPS.

The program allows users and software developers to write scripts to perform fully automated file transfers. The scripts can be scheduled to run and will then transmit files to and from other computers which run a standard ftp or SSH2 server.

Beyond the script language, PyroBatchFTP features a DDE interface and logging functions, which allow other software to determine the success and flow of each of the script commands. It also offers email functions, which can be used to alert a system administrator in case of network problems or other situations when the file transfers fail.


Standard Editon or Server Edition

There are two versions of PyroBatchFTP, the Standard Edition and the Server Edition. It depends on your use case which one is right for you (both have the same price and when you license the software, you can use either one).

Essentially both are the same with one difference:
The Standard Edition can also schedule PyroBatchFTP jobs, but will only run them while the PyroBatchFTP is kept active for a logged in user.
The Server Edition installs itself as a Windows background service and it will continue to run scheduled jobs in the background even if no user is logged into the PC (this is typical for server machines).

Which should you use? You can try both (the price is the same and the license will work for either), but the Standard Edition is probably the better one to get started. If you find it too limited because your focus is on running scheduled file transfers on a computer where no user is logged in, you can still install the Server Edition instead.

You will find both versions in our download area.


FTP/SFTP/FTPS Sample Scripts

Here is the full copy of the script from the screenshot on the main page:
Connect -f "webserver.emtec.com", "username", "password"
RemoteChDir "html"
LocalChDir "Z:\www"
Put "*.html"
RemoteRename "default.html", "index.html"
Or look at this sample of a simple PyroBatchFTP script to download a file from a ftp server. The script creates a connection, then changes the remote working directory and finally downloads the file and disconnects:
Connect "someserver.emtec.com", "username", "password"
RemoteChDir "logs"
Get "downloadstats.log"
Another example connects to a server and uploads and updates all new and modified files from the local computer to the web server:
Connect "webserver.emtec.com", "username", "password"
LocalChDir "C:\WWW"
RemoteChDir "htm_files"
PutSync -rnmk "*"

PyroBatchFTP Automation Features

  • Scripting allows automated transfer to and from internet FTP servers
  • Support for SSL-FTPS based servers (SSL explicit via AUTH TLS)
  • Also supports secure transfer to SSH based SFTP servers (username/password authentification)
  • Transmission of whole directory trees
  • Synchronisation of directories and directory trees (e.g. changed or missing files)
  • Built in cron-like scheduler
  • Can be run as a Windows background service (requires the Server Edition)
  • Local and remote file manipulation, like download, upload, move, rename, delete, etc.
  • Retry operation for failed commands
  • Interface to execute FTP commands from VB or C++ applications
  • Detailed logging
  • Runs on Windows Win7/Win8/Win10/Win11 (x86/x64)
  • Uninstall program


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