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MacroPhone • Professional ISDN Fax/Voicemail Server for Networks

This telephony application allows you to handle server based voice mail and fax functions for all users in your company.

Additionally MacroPhone offers many related functions, like caller id display, call logging, call notification, mobil short message sending and flexible user rights management.

Key benefits:

  • Company wide caller id display
  • Server based voice mail and fax functions
  • Forwarding of received faxes to email
  • Call notification via SMS or email
  • Centralized administration of user rights

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"The email notification really leaves nothing to be desired. I use forward voice mail to my web mail account. That way I can listen to it basically anywhere. Thanks folks!" - (anonymous)

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    MacroPhone Description

    MacroPhone is a network based application which lets you centralize ISDN based tasks like caller id display, telephone answering machine, fax (sending and receiving), call redirection or call notification (via email or SMS).

    All ISDN processing happens on your server's ISDN hardware (CAPI based ISDN board or TA). The client computers (user workstations) do not require ISDN hardware, but redirect their requests to the server instead. Thus MacroPhone allows your users to perform ISDN task (fax sending, checking their voice mail, etc.) even if their computers are not connected to the ISDN system.

    For interaction with other applications, the client computers (user workstations) have a fax printer driver which will perform fax sending through the server on everything that is printed there from other applications.

    MacroPhone is available in German and English and automatically switches to the corresponding language, depending on the location settings in the Windows Control Panel.

    Requirements: TCP/IP networking between client and server. CAPI based ISDN hardware (ISDN board or terminal adapter with CAPI2032.DLL) for the computer where the MacroPhone server service is running.


    MacroPhone Documentation

    For an in depth overview and installation instructions please read the Introduction to MacroPhone (Adobe Acrobat PDF Format).  
    For information about the evaluation mode and license types please read the MacroPhone licensing information document (Adobe Acrobat PDF Format).

    MacroPhone Features

    • Client/Server Application with central data and permission management
    • Server can run as a service (no logged in user required)
    • Network communication over TCP/IP networks (and even internet)
    • Server administration from any client with administration permissions
    • Versatile user rights management based on computer name or user name
    • Server based caller database (names, phone numbers, etc. for known callers)
    • Archive for calls/faxes/voicemail with search function
    • Optional integration of 3rd party caller lists via CSV file or executable program
    • Access to MAPI address books (e.g. MS Exchange Server)
    • Access to SQL databases (e.g. MS SQL-Server, MS Access) via ODBC
    • Server based license model
     Call Monitor
    • Shows incoming calls in a small popup window with user defined text, color and font
    • Shows type (voice, fax, data) and state of call (ringing, missed or answered)
    • Shows country and region names (area codes for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Netherlands, Italy and UK already included)
    • Map names to own phone numbers and show calls to own numbers in different colors
    • Option to play sounds for calls to own numbers
    • Option to map names to known callers and to show special callers with blinking text
    • Option to play sounds for calls from known callers
    • Allows to call back via Windows phone dialing aid
    • Allows to execute a program for incoming calls
    • Logs all incoming calls in list window
    • SMS and email notification for missed calls
    • Call redirection (unconditional, on busy, on noreply)
    • Access to local Outlook address book
    • Answering machine (voice mail) for each MSN (ISDN phone number)
    • Parallel answering machines on same MSN (depending on free phone lines)
    • Option if callers may leave message or not
    • Touch tone menus (e.g. "please press 1 for more information")
    • SMS notification (mobile phone short message) when caller leave messages
    • Email notification when caller leaves message (including the message as WAV or MP3 mail attachment)
    • Remote playback of messages over the phone
    • Remote control features (e.g. starting of programs)
     Fax Services
    • G3 fax receive option
    • Parallel fax jobs only limited by number of free phone lines
    • Fax send function via MacroPhoneFax printer driver
    • Scan-to-Fax functionality via Twain compatible scanner devices
    • Fax send and receive report (automatic or manual printing)
    • Fax job folder allows 3rd party applications to create faxes for MacroPhone
    • Mail-merge to fax capability via "Fax number inside document" detection
    • G3 fax polling option
    • SMS notification for received fax messages
    • Email notification when fax was received (including mail attachment as PDF, TIFF or SFF)
    • German or English user interface
    • Client running on machines with Windows Win7/Win8/Win10/Win11 (x86/x64)
    • Server can run as a service on machines up and including Windows Server 2012 or higher, Windows Win7/Win8/Win10/Win11 (x86/x64)
    • Install, Repair-Install and Uninstall programm
    • 30 days evaluation