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PyroTrans • Secure Automated and Manual File Transfer over Modem, Internet and ISDN.
Note: This product is discontinued as of October, 2016. We are offering a final version for download below and you can use still buy it if it does fit your requirements (use the buy-now link further down on this page). Please note though, that we can only offer limited support for the program.

You may however be interested in our product PyroBatchFTP, which is similar to PyroTrans, but which is based on the FTP, SFTP and FTPS file transfer protocols. Also, our SSH client and Terminal Emulator ZOC offers file transfer and can be automated via scripting.


PyroTrans is a file transfer package (client, server and batch mode) which lets you transfer files over ISDN, modem and the internet.

The package is intended for developers and companies who need to transfer files between sites, field workers or customers.

Key benefits:
Secure encryption
Automatic compression
Easy batch language
Developer friendly

Find out more about PyroTrans...

Download: PyroTrans V2.26



Buy PyroTrans CompuLab
(incl. al V2.xx updates)
19,80 EUR
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(includes license for PyroClient, incl. all V2.xx updates)
39,80 EUR
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(includes license for PyroBatch and PyroClient, incl. all V2.xx updates)
99,80 EUR
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(includes license for PyroServer, PyroBatch and PyroClient, incl. all V2.xx updates)
249,80 EUR
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"I wish every company we deal with was like yours. You have been more than kind doing the things we request and I am glad we purchased your software."

(Peter Helberg, Wisconsin)


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