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AtomSync • Never Set Your PC Clock Again.
Note: This product is discontinued as of October, 2016. We are offering a final version for download below and you can use still buy it if it does fit your requirements (use the buy-now link further down on this page). Please note though, that we can no longer offer support or bugfixes for the program.


This NTP client synchronizes your PC clock with an internet atomic time server or with a time server on your LAN.

AtomSync contacts extremely precise reference clocks on the internet to adjust your PC clock or all the clocks of the PC in your LAN when necessary.

Key benefits:

  • Always shows the precise time
  • No need to buy expensive radio clocks
  • Check and adjust time periodically
  • Don't lose data through PC time differences
  • LAN license available (unlimited clients included)

Find out more about AtomSync...

Download: AtomSync V2.12


Buy AtomSync CompuLab
AtomSync License (Internet Time) 14.80 EUR
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US$ 14.99
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AtomSync Workgroup LAN/License 69.80 EUR
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US$ 69.99
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"... besides having my clock set, I really like that animated character and the graphical clock on my desktop. I'll recommend this little gem to all my buddies."

(Paul Graham, Arizona)


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