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PyroTrans Screenshots

The screen shots below should give you a good idea of the PyroTrans program. However, by their nature, they cannot show all features. So please check the feature list also, or download PyroTrans for a full test drive.
Please click on the thumbnails to see full size screenshots.
This screen shot shows the PyroServer -- a server software that allows EuroFile clients to call and send or receive files. The server lists all incoming calls and their activity (login, sending, receiving, etc.) in a logging window.  

Users who want to call the server need an entry in the server's user list. It is possible to assign different rights to different users (eg. read-only for public access and write permission for a system administrator). For enhanced security, it is possible to restricts a user's login to calls from a certain phone number, thus making sure that no unauthorized person can access the account, even if they know the username and password.  

The PyroBatch part of the program suite is designed to run unattended automated file transfers. The commands for the file transfer are stored in script files and run one after the other. The results (which are written into a log file) are shown in the program window to help you to develop the scripts. Eventually the scripts will be started from the command line with the PyroBatch window minimized.  

PyroBatch has a built in scheduler to start scripts at given times/dates (once or regularly, e.g. 11am and 5pm every Monday through Friday).  

This is the PyroClient window with an active session. The left part shows files on the local hard drive. The right part lists the files and directories on the remote computer (which is running an EuroFile server, eg. PyroServer).

Files can be sent and/or received by dragging them from one side to the other (using the mouse). Also, it is possible to rename or delete files.


Connections to EuroFile servers can be made from a phone book into which you can store an arbitrary amount of entries. For each entry, you can store the phone number, username, password. It is also possible to add important entries directly to the toolbar for quick access.  



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